Dear Ministry Partners,


It seems as we watch the world spiraling in a moral free-fall downward and international terror even in our beloved America as well as wars and rumors of wars daily, we are thinking ourselves as well as hearing many other believer’s conversations saying similar things, “Even so, Lord Jesus come…Quickly!” And yet we say it with reservation knowing of our loved ones, unsaved friends, and neighbors and half of this world who has never heard the gospel, who are lost and blinded in this dark world at risk of leaving this world to be forever separated from the Holy God and consigned to the fires of eternal hell. That is why we are so grateful that God has called us to ministry and with a passion to stir Churches and Christians to the call of the Great Commission and in particular to the unreached of our world without the knowledge of the gospel. “Missions is still the great mission of every local church.” We are also thankful for the opportunities this fall to keep on keeping on!

Though August is in the heart the summer, it has not gone by without some significant things in the Smith household. We were able to celebrate, by the grace of God, our 47th wedding anniversary on August 14! We also celebrated Jill’s birthday and another year of God’s blessing in her life. We had a special time of being together with Jill’s twin and his wife, Jack and Cindie Trieber along with Jill’s sister and her husband, Don and Judy Mauck as we were privileged to cruise the beautiful scenery of Alaska together as a family. Aside from the rough seas, daily rains and seasickness, we were amazed at the beauties of God’s touch as the Creator in this amazing frontier of our country! In just a few weeks I will maintain my distance age-wise as my birthday time rolls around for three score and two years on this earthly journey!

It was an honor to be able to stay a few days with Jack and Cindie Trieber in their home in Santa Clara, and a special time to preach that Sunday at North Valley Baptist Church on the “Awe of God”-Psalm 145. We were humbled to see the Spirit of God move and to see the altar full of persons desiring to know more of the awe of God in their lives and families.

Please keep us in your prayers as we gear up for the fall months which will allow us to be in many missions conferences, the South Wide Baptist Fellowship in Tennessee as well as a trip provided for by a dear friend allowing Dave to go to the Holy Land and walk where Jesus walked.

Again thanks to the many who adopted chapters of the book of Deuteronomy for the Mongolian Old Testament. Please pray as this writing we only lack the book of Numbers, Jeremiah and Ezekiel to be adopted and to finish the financing of the entire Old Testament!

Thank you for your investment into our lives and ministry which makes it possible to continue to serve our Lord in world evangelism. God bless you!


Praying and working for the harvest, 


Dave and Jill Smith


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