Dear Faithful Friends, Pastors and Supporting Churches,


As I was speaking in a missions conference the other night on how to pray for our missionaries, I mentioned II Corinthians 1:11 where Paul said he was “helped” by the church of Corinth who prayed for him. I believe with all my heart that because of you all who pray for us continually that we are “helped” as well and that the answers, responses, decisions and advances made for the glory of our Savior are because you are praying! Do not quit! We want and need your prayer to God for us!


Another thought came to my mind last week as I was reporting to one of our supporting churches that it should be encouraging to our churches that support this ministry when it contemplates the scores of mission conferences where God’s people have been encouraged to retain or make “missions the mission of the church” participating in the support of church planting missionaries as well as trusting God to supply funds to support additional church planting missionaries to unreached peoples of our planet. I believe that each of you have had a direct part in those advances where, by the grace of God, we minister throughout the year. You have “helped” us! Then we reflected on the seven churches that have been started and sustained in India. Without your “help” it would have been impossible to challenge pastors and people about the support given to these national pastors. Without your “help” my trip to Nepal, to Armenia, to Trinidad, to India would have been impossible where we were able to see souls saved, national pastors encouraged and trained in areas where most of you will never go. And yet, by prayers and financial support you have had a vital part and at the Judgment Seat of Christ will share in every reward given because of your faithfulness. Your account that Paul referred to in Philippians 4 is being enriched in eternity! Thank you for your “help” to us!




A great missions conference was held in Milwaukee, WI where God moved His people to respond to the Word of God and missions as faith promises for this next fiscal year was given and new missionaries being supported was anticipated for Souls Harbor Baptist Church, Pastor Paul Hoover.

We have just finished our second missions conference with Pastor Rickey Owens at Victory Baptist Church in Fresno, CA- in this church plant, now 7 years old, we were thrilled to exceed last year’s faith promise and look to take on two more missionaries in addition to the twenty-two already supported!

Safety in traveling the many miles by car and plane




 PRAYER Requests

Prayer for continued strength and health in ministry

Meeting with Pastor A.J. Harold , Solid Rock Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA

God’s will regarding our tentative trip to Mongolia-the dedication of the first true Bible in Mongolian-translated and published by First Bible Inc.-prices of airline flights to Mongolia have sky-rocketed making the trip indefinite at this time-we want to be good stewards of God’s money.

Wisdom and direction for our annual meeting of First Bible International/Bearing Precious Seed in Milford, OH

For the power of God and His anointing to be on our ministry through open doors of ministry and a godly strategy to bring closure to the Great Commission


 Yours for the Cause of all causes, 

 Pastor and Mrs. Dave Smith

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