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India Report: Mission Accomplished! We wish to thank all of you who have taken such an interest in this trip taken to India and tell you not only how grateful we are for your prayer support through this effort, but to encourage you as to what God is doing in India in reaching the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At the invitation of Brother Harry Rasquinha to come to India for part of November and December of this year to teach and train Indian national pastors at the Baptist Bible Institute of Mangalore, India and to preach and to view the five local independent Baptist churches that have been started from churches burdened here in America through our mission conference challenge to adopt a national church planter, I took the 36 hour flight from LAX to Mangalore back in early November. I arrived in the second largest country in the world next to China with its teeming 1.3 billion souls. I was privileged to instruct with a translator the Book of REVELATION to a group of 27 national Indian church planters who had come for this special time by train and/or bus along with some others who attended out of interest in learning their Bible.

For a week a one half I taught REVELATION along with other subjects that would help train these eager pastors. Classes were for six hours per day Monday through Saturday and ended with a final exam. What a thrill to learn that over 75 % of these men were converted out of Hinduism!

Although I came down with laryngitis after the first four days, God miraculously restored my voice to preach on the following Sunday and my voice grew stronger each day. That first week I was honored to preach a building dedication for a 3 year old church and to have other opportunities of speaking as well.

Being separated from my wife for the longest time of our 46 years of marriage was not easy for either of us but God was gracious to us both as we kept ourselves very busy and took advantage of facetime and Magic Jack!

The third week we drove 8 hours away from Mangalore to visit and preach in four of the five churches that we have planted in the state of Karnataka-some 80 million living in this state. What a joy to preach for Pastor Robert at his church and a thrill to see two adults stand and come forward trusting Christ as Savior!

Pastor Samson celebrated his sixth anniversary with over 200 in attendance and the joy of hearing the enthusiastic singing of Indians as they without a piano clap and play the tambourine lifting the roof of the building with praise to God! Again it was thrilling to see seven trust Christ as Savior at that service! We then drove another 4 hours to a city of over a million souls without one gospel preaching church and we met with a core of people in their living room where we had a small service and I preached to them out of Acts 17 when Paul was in Athens viewing the city of idols! Such in every city in India with its Hinduism practices so evident! Plans are being made for a church planter to start a church with these folks very soon!

Although greatly encouraged with the men who are going out to reach their own people with the gospel and with the young men training to go out as well, I was truly broken and stunned to drive hours through city after city realizing that the millions of souls that we passed are LOST and have never one time heard the simple plan of God’s salvation!

Oh, that God will keep us faithful and place within hearts the strategy needed to reach the unreached of this needy nation!

 Yours for the Cause of all causes, 

 Pastor and Mrs. Dave Smith


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