Dear Ministry Partners,

What a joy it is to share with you our ministry and what God is doing with our lives as you are investing into our lives with prayer and finances. We are excited as to what God is doing and truly excited about the upcoming days this month!

We have notified our supporters already about our change to rejoining Dr. Charles Keen and his beginning the Company of Publishers focusing on establishing a college to train translators of the Scriptures for the people groups of our world who have yet to have the Word of God. Funds are coming in, the framing of faculty for this purpose as well as the final decision as to the physical place where this college will reside. Several invitations are being considered. We will continue to maintain our schedule with missions conferences in our churches, preaching as well as representing Company of Publishers recruiting and promoting in our Christian and Bible Colleges around the nation. At present we have very little to offer those seeking those wanting to train to translate Scriptures to Bible-less people groups of this generation.

It was a thrill to sit down with one of our elderly neighbors and help him with answers to why the Bible is the Word of God. This man is at the end of his life and with his Catholic background was very unclear about God’s plan of salvation. What a joy to cover the verses that make salvation all of the grace of God and not of works and to hear him say, “I am trusting Jesus as the one Who died and rose again for my sins.”

Do pray for us as we return to Lighthouse Baptist church in La Verne, CA where Pastor Brian Dunlop pastors a real, solid missionary minded church. I will be flying to Murfreesboro, TN to join Dr. Charles Keen and Dr. Jerry Rockwell at the Southwide Baptist Fellowship at Franklin Road Baptist Church. We will be presenting Company of Publishers there and Dr. Keen and Dr. Don Sisk will be publicly recognized for their leadership and contributions to world evangelism. What a thrill we will have to return to our sending church, Gethsemane Baptist Church for their missions conference upon returning from Tennessee. The next morning after our conference in Long Beach, I will join Kurt Skelly and a number of believers on my first trip to Israel and see the land of the Bible for 10 exciting days. We will close out the month, Lord willing, returning to Riverside Baptist Church with Pastor Gordon in Riverside, CA. Pray that God will empower us to deliver the Word of God with power and passion and for a revival of world evangelism!



Lighthouse Baptist Church   October 5-8

Southwide Baptist Fellowship   October 9-11

Gethsemane Baptist Church October 12-15

Holy Land Trip   October 16-26

Riverside Baptist Church   October 28-29


Praying and working for the harvest, 

Dave and Jill Smith 

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Sending Church

Sent out from Gethsemane Baptist Church of Long Beach, California - Pastor Ely Reynolds


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