Dear Supporting Pastors, Churches and Friends,


Greetings in the name of our precious Savior , the Lord Jesus Christ! Rest assured of our daily thanking God for you and your faithful partnering with us in allowing us to be an extension of your ministry for the cause of world evangelism.


Thank you for your prayers on our behalf of some physical challenges. Gratefully, we are both able to report improvements and the healing hand of God. Many have mentioned that they have not heard any reports since my blacking out while on my mission to India during November and December. Tests did reveal that two mini-strokes have taken place but it is difficult to determine whether the dizziness associated with this is due to this, blood pressure medicine or perhaps an inner ear issue. Although I still am experiencing dizziness the doctor is experimenting with BP meds and I have an appointment pending with an ENT physician. I was truly grateful for several weeks of rest over the Christmas season and was excited for meetings to resume for the new year!

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Improvement of health for both of us. 

Preaching at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in , CA for Pastor Tim Ruhl-3 adults trusting Christ as Savior and three adults joining the church. 

2,000 Nepali Bibles sent to northern India and distributed to believers there to Athem Khiang Chothe-a church planter there. 

19,000 New Testaments shipped to southern India to the state of Kanartaka in the Kannada dialect spoken there. Also 311,000 copies of JOHN and ROMANS were shipped there and this March thousands of whole Bibles are being printed by FIRST BIBLE and BEARING PRECIOUS SEED and will be sent there for those speaking the Kannada language. 

Missions conference held in Jacksonville, Florida at Harvest Baptist Church for Pastor Bryan Samms for their faith promise and challenging them to a greater vision for world evangelism. 

A church in Virginia very interested in supporting and adopting a national Indian pastor to plant a church in city of a million without any church of any kind except Hindu temples and Muslim mosques . This would make our 6th church supported there!




God’s hand in physical strength and healing 

Open doors 

Churches to be challenged to the unreached and unengaged people groups on our planet-to see “Missions as the mission of the church” 

Safety in travels



Yours for the Cause of all causes, 

 Pastor and Mrs. Dave Smith

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