Dear Ministry Partners,

What an exciting time to be servants of our Lord! We have much to report of God’s goodness and His faithfulness to us these past weeks and also much to look forward to this month and year as our Lord tarries! Once again, thank you for your friendship, faithful prayers and support of allowing us to be an extension of your ministry.



  • We were grateful to be able to minister at Mountain Avenue Baptist Church in the absence of Pastor Richard Szydlowski. Preaching on the “Awe of God” in the AM, the Spirit of God moved at the invitation with the altars filled with those making decisions to see the awe of God (Psalm 145) in their lives and in the evening from Genesis on how to build an altar and the importance of using the altar call in our Christian walk.

  • It was an honor to fulfill the request of our long-time friend, Brother Tom Pryde, dying with cancer to finish the last chapter of his study in Hebrews as he was physically unable to come anymore to church.

  • We attended the memorial service of Kay Gleason in northern California. Kay was a wonderful Christian and our close friend since college days. She was the wife of Jack Gleason, with whom Dave played basketball with in college. After years of witnessing to Jack and years of prayer, the life of Kay was used of God to bring Jack to Christ.

  • We were again reminded of the brevity of life as the Lord saw fit to take brother Tom Pryde to Heaven. Tom and Debi served on our staff at Gethsemane Baptist Church in Long Beach and as a layman, Vice President of Raytheon in the aerospace industry, raised the bar his entire Christian life as a servant of the Lord and a huge blessing to the Lord’s church. It was an honor to have a part in his memorial service.

  • God blessed in our meeting with Pastor Jason Atwood at Heritage Baptist Church where we shared the pulpit with Pastor Jason Gaddis from Oklahoma and Pastor Jack Trieber from California, Preaching five times during the week, it was a special privilege to present the work of GCOP(Greater Company of Publishers) to the church as well as to many visiting preachers from around the state of Texas and plans to establish a linguistics college to train translators in getting the Bible to the unreached and unengaged people groups (billions of lost souls) who have never seen nor heard one word of our Bible! A special bonus was to have the invitation to present missions in three other churches in Texas this year and next!


  • Please pray for the plans, preparation and Dr. Charles Keen and the establishing of a much needed college for training translators of the Bible. A man is committing a million dollars for this project ($100,000.00 per year), a four year curriculum is established, a decision of which of two colleges needs to be made, an administrator and faculty need to be assembled all by 2019! I have been asked to promote and recruit students in our Bible colleges and churches.

  • Prayer for Jill as she has feet surgery scheduled for March. A very painful surgery and requiring 6-8 weeks of recovery.

  • For open doors for meetings for 2018 and 2019. We have almost a full schedule for 2018- Praise the Lord!


Yours for the Cause of all causes, (Matthew 28:19-20)


Dave and Jill Smith 

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Sent out from Gethsemane Baptist Church of Long Beach, California - Pastor Ely Reynolds


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