Praise and Prayer Report-September 2016


Operation: INDIA – Nov. 12- Dec. 6, 2016


small-cropped-Jill-and-DaveDear Supporters and Friends,

First, allow us to thank you again for your personal interest in our ministry that took a new direction after stepping away from the pastorate in 2009.  Thank you for your investment and support that has allowed us to minister in churches here in the USA and around the world for the cause of world evangelism and focus on the unreached people groups of our world yet to hear the gospel.  And thank you for your intercessory prayer on our behalf that we should see fruit for the glory of God and that fruit should remain.

As you know our passion has been to reach the unreached and unengaged with the gospel in our generation to bring closure to the Great Commission through the giving, going and praying of local, independent Baptist churches through means of preaching, missions conferences, and travels to train national pastors to preach the gospel, see professions of faith, plant churches and publish the Scriptures where there are none!

We have been persuaded for some time that along with challenging our own here in America to GO, the only effective way we will reach the unreached is through nationals

The Lord has led us for some time now to use missions conferences to challenge pastors and churches to ADOPT an unreached people group and  a national pastor in planting a church.  Through our acquaintance with Brother Harry Rasquinha, an Indian out of Pastor Mickey Carter’ s church in Florida who has labored in Mangalore, India planting a church and establishing the Gospel Light Baptist Mission producing about TWELVE MEN EVERY YEAR trained and ready to  churches in the over 2,000 unreached people groups of India!!  They are getting the job done and can do it for about $200 US per month support.  Like here in America, it takes about 3-4 years to plant the church before it will become autonomous. We are excited to have just finished the translation of the Kannada Bible at Bearing Precious Seed/First Bible International  to assist them in the language spoken in that area of India!

By the grace of God, several churches  I have had missions conferences in have taken these men on for support (five church plants).

Brother Rasquinha has urged me to come to Mangalore India to teach the Book of Revelation in his Bible institute for one month as well as to preach in the churches that we have helped to start.  It will afford me the opportunity to view what is good and maybe not so good and inspect what God’s people are having an investment.  JILL WILL NOT BE GOING ON THIS TRIP WHICH TAKES 30 HOURS AND I WILL BE ALONE LIVING WITH THE PEOPLE IN INDIA FOR ALMOST ONE MONTH .  AT 71, WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS FOR SAFETY, HEALTH, STRENGTH AND POWER TO BE A HELP AND BE USED OF GOD TO RETURN WITH A GREATER VISION AND STRATEGY TO WORLD EVANGELISM. I have not always had good results with food in foreign lands; cautions for malaria, typhoid and hepatitis are being taken but ultimately I need your prayers urgently for the help of God.  I have spent the past weeks revising notes and exams to be scanned, emailed and translated in India for the men there.  Thank you again for bringing this to your people.  We do not take this assignment lightly.


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